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Got in to some troubles when boarding our plane in Boracay, Philippines. I had read from the Vietnamese government’s site that as a Finnish person you don’t need a visa to enter Vietnam but however you have to have a documentation or a flight ticket which proofs that you aren’t staying in the country no more than 15 days. I had the Cambodian visa and a flight ticket from Bangkok, Thailand to Finland before the 15 days but that wasn’t enough to proof that I’m going to Cambodia and then Thailand and that I’m exiting the country before the limit. Lady in the check-in loved the flight ticket. Hopefully I got into the plane when I promised to buy a ticket in our transfer site, Manila.

We had planned 3 full days in Vietnam. We went to see the remnants and tunnels of the Vietnam War in the Cu Chi area, did an island-hopping trip by boat in Mekong Delta province and wondered around the Ho Chi Min city (Saigon) to see the War Museum, sky–bar, Independence palace and the local way of living.

Vietnam is cheap. The cheapest country so far in our trip. One beer in a bar was 0,3 €, one course of food in restaurant 2 €, our 6–hour bus ride to Cambodia only 8 €. And they spoke English so we didn’t complain. I loved the Vietnamese food but got amazed how the Vietnam War affected the nation. It’s terrible, almost 5% of the whole nation’s population ended up dead. If you have time google the ”Agent Orange” for the pictures, we got the see them in the War Museum.



First local food

The Independence palace

Local fruit, Rambutan, really delicious!

Guide and the map of tunnels in Cu Chi used in Vietnam War

One of the entrances to the tunnels

Shooting AK-47

Mekong River & the rooftop bar

One of the many Buddhist temples

Kayaking in the Mekong Delta area, Mekong River

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