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Boracay, Philippines.
I got burned. I think I have this every time when travelling south; ”I’m not getting burned, so why apply sun block..” Well that was a mistake. The location where we were was only about 1000 km away from the equator, the sun was pretty strong.

We got unlucky with the weather, it rained Wednesday and Thursday but it didn’t stop our holiday spirit. Had snorkeling, boat–ride, beach-soccer etc. The famous Ariel’s cliff–jumping we missed cos’ of the weather but it’s alright. Obviously we had picked the right hostel to stay; when the week went on we met people from other hostels saying that our hostel got the best vibe in it. I must say that they weren’t wrong, the Frendz–hostel was definitely a place to stay, one night there were people from Australia, America, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, England, Holland, Mexico, Scotland, Russia and of course Finland (that’s me!) all enjoying the lobby bar of the hostel.

We had good time. And the rum we got to know, it was only 1,5 € the whole bottle there..



The sunset of mine nearest to the equator so far


Local basketball field


Snorkeling with few of my friends from my hostel


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