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Last week.
And what a week we had. The very best this year so far. My last exam was over on Tuesday evening so had time with almost everybody to say goodbye. Our Korean teacher handed this surprise present after exam on Monday, our family & gender professor invited us to dinner to her house on Tuesday, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday had amazing nights with the regular crew, on Friday the last one with my favorite Swedish guy, Marcus. I just didn’t realize at any point that we were going on next Monday, that everybody was leaving.

Until the day came.
I’m pretty sure to say that my time here in Korea has been the best in my life. I cried when we walked across the Keimyung University’s main gate the last final time. Koreans are just amazingly nice and kind people. And the other exchange students. Holy sh*t. Had both good and bad times, lots of good memories. Going to miss you all.

I think there is no need to say more. Luckily I can still enjoy 16 more days in Asia, we are going backpacking with this Dutch Kevin. At this very moment I’m writing this blog entry at Philippines, Manila, waiting for our transfer to Boracay. Then Vietnam, Kambodia, Thailand and finally Finland..




Gift from our Korean teacher

Bi Sheng preparing food from the garden on Tuesday

Hye-Soon Kim, the professor from our family & gender class, cooking with her husband

International lounge & farewell–party

Hugging Mr. Shin

All packed, ready to go


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