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The last normal week in school.
This Thursday we were holding our presentation about our business idea in our Management of Venture Technology. The course was good, I really enjoyed it. We had an outstanding idea, which I want to keep as a secret, you never know if we get it up going! We worked with the presentation three days almost straight, from Tuesday to Thursday. They were the three hardest study-days of mine this year so far.

As the leaving day comes closer it is the time for farewells. On Tuesday I got this one letter and some candies from one of the Korean guy living in our corridor. That was really nice and so Korean way. I felt so embarrassed that I got nothing for him..

Farewells continued on Thursday, the KELI-house’s farewell party was on, free pizza, cola and lottery-prizes. I did some dancing moves to cheer everybody up, one of the KELI-house’s English teachers kind of entreated me. At the end the DJ threw some beat on and everybody was having fun at the KELI-house’s first floor entrance hall.

Guys went to Seoul this weekend for this Ultra Music Festival. I stayed in Daegu.. There was the Jukola - orienteering relay on Saturday in Finland which I really wanted to watch. I was cheering for our team consisting few of my old friends and my brother. Unfortunately they had some injuries and eventually our team’s ranking dropped almost 600 places. Well, at least we finished the relay clean.



Regards from Lee

Korean traditional clothes on Korean class on Wednesday

Farewell with Family & Gender class

"Free pizza!!"

Venla & Jukola relays on Saturday

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