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Hello Tokyo.
Tired of last night’s farewell with Mr. Cho we ran late and missed our train on Friday morning to Busan where our flight was departing to Tokyo. Damn! Luckily taxis are quite cheap here, so we made one Korean guy really happy going all the way from Daegu to Busan riding his taxi.

We arrived to Tokyo and eventually to our hostel. Our friend had mentioned that since you are going to Tokyo you have to try these capsule hostels they have there. We had booked one.. with a sauna! Awesome! Unfortunately we had some issues. There was a tattoo ban in this hostel. And I have one in my left arm. In Tokyo it is apparently sign of a memberhood of the Yakuza mafia if you have a tattoo. Well, ”no worries” we thought and I wrapped my sleeve to cover my tattoo.

We hit the streets and the nightlife. I was travelling with two Kevins, Nordemeule and Kuhne. Kuhne is a huge fan of the Hard Rock Coffee, so we went to pick this badge to him and we met this one clerk, a girl, there. Few hours later we met the girl again, completely in the other side of the Tokyo! What a coincidence! Amused by that the girl invited us to this one underground party she was going to, near the Shibuyan crossing, a popular sight in Tokyo.

Next day came, and we found ourselves with no accommodation. I completely forgot to hide my tattoo when we came back and the hostel crew noticed that. Luckily we got to stay overnight. It was raining like hell. No worries, we found a new place, carried our stuff there and started the day.

Nordemeule’s friend Johannes was there in Tokyo too, so we agreed to meet him. Had good time with him during rest of our trip. We visited some temples, areas with these huge game halls (seriously that scene is insane in Tokyo!!), the world’s biggest fish market situated in Tokyo, had good time in this one park and got to see the red light district. The thing I was most confused of is that the subway system in Tokyo is a total mess. There is the lines operated by the town, but however there is private companies running their own lines too. First time when we arrived to this one private line station and we couldn’t see our next station in the subway map it was a bit funny situation..!

We didn’t sleep much in Tokyo, the last night at all cos’ the fish market opened at 5 AM and you had to be there in time if you want to enter. Tired but happy of the tip on Monday we stepped into the plane back to Korea.



Our capsules

Hello there!

One of the temples in the city

Dinner with Johannes

I have no idea..

Tunas in the fish market

Our neightborhood near the second accommodation

Feeling secure, police station right next to our hostel

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