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A little late waking up at 11.30 am, dressing up and heading for a brunch with the Korean guy Kim living in our hostel room. He knew this one sweet traditional Korean food restaurant along the Itaewon-ro and there we were heading to. The main course cost 8000 Won (about 5,7 €). We were sitting on a floor eating with the chopsticks and Kim was laughing at me almost all the time. I must have been a terrible sight.

I survived, and I must say the Korean food is very tasty with its many dishes! Mmm-mm-mmm! Kim was going home to Hoegi, so after the brunch I walked him to the metro station and decided then to visit the legendary Gangnam. First metro-ride went very smoothly, as Kim was instructing me how to. Got myself to the Gangnam-station, and had a little mandatory OPPAA on a Gangnam district! A little wondering around, and I found this very comfy cafeteria Inbus, in which you received your coffee from inside a Kleinbus.

Weather was good, like 6 degrees Celsius and a little fog, so I decided to walk back to Itaewon (about 5 km). Saw the largest-bus-station-I had-ever-seen, the Seoul Express Bus Terminal, the Han-river up closely and walked through a more like a Korean part of the city, the Hannam-Dong. Got back to Itaewon-ro, and this one pretty Asian girl came to walk with me. She asked a lot about where I’m from, what do I do here at Seoul and which songs do I like, and then after answering the songs to her she started singing them! Cool!

Booked a trip to DMZ on Wednesday, can’t wait..!



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