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My plane departed the Helsinki – Vantaa (Finland) at 2.00 PM. Everything was fine, even had a few good last chats with my dad as he was driving me to the airport. I went to the check-in, and met there the literature teacher Esa Laihanen who is teaching in our university LUT. I was like: "People that I know, OK that’s cool...". But then I was about to sit on my seat 9A on a Finnair flight AY839 when I noticed that the U.S. ambassador to Finland Bruce Oreck is sitting next to me. OK, there really are people that I definitely know! Oreck were asking me about the GoPro I had with me, and I was asking about his ambassador period in Finland... Both of us were answering like "hey dude, that is awesome...!". Oreck said that he is going to stay in service at least over the summer, which is good for Finland! I was saying like "I’m going to stay in South Korea if my guts says so..". I think we both know who’s the winner here...

Anyhow after a salad dinner in Heathrow I took the 11 hour flight to Hong Kong carried by Cathay Pacific. Met two guys from Oulu-city Finland heading to Thailand, had a beer with them at the Hong Kong airport and rushed to my next flight to the Seoul Incheon international airport. Got onboard in time, and noticed that the Head of architecture Department of Kyonggi University Kyung Wook Seo was sitting next to me. I was thinking that "OK, this is weird." Even weirder it got when I found myself learning Hangul on the plane taught by the very same professor. I learned very many useful sentences and a lot about the Korean culture. And yet I had been laught at in our Lappeenranta residence for my late learnings when learning this specific Hangul sentence "Hello" at the very morning my flight departed.
Hey...! It’s never too late...

I got on to a bus to my hostel at the Incheon airport and the Seoul-city began to show it’s real size. The bus took about 70 minutes, all the time skyscrapers everywhere. The Han-river flowing through the city was as broad as four football fields in a row. At least! Even broader it got when I arrived to my hostel at Itaewon, when I noticed that my roommates are from Malaysia, South Korea and Kazakhstan. Okay, no problem! A shower, dressing up and off to the city!

Hard scanning of the Itaewon’s pub’s for showing the Olympic ice-hockey bronze game of Finland vs. USA, and we chose one pub to go to with the Malaysian guy, Radi. The language barrier was there at the pub, even though yet the Itaewon-part of the city should be the most western part of the Seoul. After a while we got the answer that "no ice-hockey today!" Okay then..! Few beers to our hostel room and the Yle arena –app rolling! But no, the Internet decided to turn against us: "Service unavailable at the moment..!" Luckily I have these very lovely brothers who eventually gave us the information that Finland has won the bronze medal in the men’s ice-hockey Olympic tournament! Wuhuuu! Go Suomi!

Regards from Seoul


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