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I’m slightly worried because I think I should be packing my backpack and everything right now, but here I am taking easy at our Lappeenranta residence. C’mon I still got 2 days to go! I think this trip is going to realize itself in a big way on the morning my plane takes off on February 21st. Yaiks!!

Here is the plan for my trip in a nutshell: one holiday week at Seoul, one semester @ Keimyung University in Daegu and an option for a few months backpacking in South Korea and neighborhood Asia after the semester. My visa is powered to grant a stay in South Korea as long as August 22nd , but let’s see what happens.

Okay, I DO HAVE my passport, visa, vaccinations, flight, hostel in Seoul, dormitory in Daegu, bank account balance and etc. OK! Everything mandatory for entering South Korea is under control, but everything else... Well, let’s say the process goes on every day! I was very surprised three weeks ago as my South Korean buddy (like a tutor) emailed me! How early! Few messages later I found myself installing a popular South Korean communication app KakaoTalk to my phone! Now I am pumping every piece of information my buddy is slipping to me! How cool welcoming!

My buddy has agreed to meet me at the Daegu train station on February 27th. From there we will go to university’s Seongseo campus and start figuring out the Daegu city. Orientation week will begin on Monday, March 3rd , so there is good weekend-time to get to know other exchange students in Keimyung!

I can’t wait to get to South Korea! Few days packing and I’m gone!



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